Protect the longevity and efficiency of your pump systems with high-quality coatings. Whether you’re interested in Belzona, power coatings, or liquid coatings, we offer coating options to protect or repair and restore your pump system units.

Gicon Engineered Pumps is able to help meet today's environmental codes and standards by providing special liquid coating services. We provide functional coatings such as liquid epoxies which are excellent for the interior and exterior coating of pumps, piping, fittings and valves. We provide coatings that are used for waste water and potable water in municipalities and turbine pump assemblies. These coatings are NSF and AWWA approved.

When you demand the highest quality, performance, and efficiency, look no further than Gicon. With a full line of products and dependable value added services available for a wide market range, we keep your systems up and running.